Christopher EggertChristopher J Eggert

Mr. Eggert has been an attorney since 1996 and is actively licensed to practice law in four states: Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Hawaii. He is a past-president of the Polk County Bar Association, a past-member of the Oregon State Bar Client Security Fund Committee, and was from 2010-2014 a member of the Oregon State Bar Family Law Section Executive Committee. Mr. Eggert was also a member of the Oregon Division of Child Support 2012 Child Support Guidelines Review Committee.

He expanded his practice to Hawaii in 2014, opening the first Eggert & Associates office in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Mr. Eggert provides services to Hawaii clients in for DUI defense, ADRLO driver license revocation, divorces and child custody cases, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy.